Our story – A bit about us…

Clive was born in Wales in the UK and has been a professional chef for over 20 years. He started as a trainee chef at a renowned French restaurant while studying at a local culinary college, and he became a fully trained chef after long years of solid training under a French master chef from Marseille. He then went on to work at a Japanese restaurant then an award-winning restaurant in Cardiff in order to expand his vision and to develop new styles of cooking. Since then, he has worked as a successful head chef, specialising in French and Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Eastern taste, in several parts of the UK.

Maki was born in Tokyo, Japan and her father’s sabbatical leave had led the family to live in England since she was 16. After graduating from the university, Clive and Maki got married and began their careers in London, where Maki worked as an investment banker.

We loved our high-flying lifestyle in London but began to feel something was not quite complete. We briefly moved to the South West England to slow down, having to enjoy entertaining friends and families at our restored mill house almost constantly and this is when the seed of ideas was planted.

Then we bought an old farmhouse in 2001 in the inland area of Andalusia and reformed it completely and sympathetically in order to start our project of opening a gourmet B&B. Not only has it taken a long time to open a legal business from scratch in Spain but a great deal of passion, effort and determination have been put in to restore an old Andalusian farmhouse and to transform into a foodie bed and breakfast.

In 2004, we finally emigrated to Spain leaving our successful but hectic and stressful lives behind in search of quality of life together. Our beautiful son Cei (Welsh name, pronounced KAI) was born a couple of months after the relocation following years of infertility. A few years later, Bed and Breakfast Finca Las Encinas in the south of Cordoba opened its doors to warmly welcome visitors from all parts of the world.

Gourmet B&B Finca Las Encinas near Iznajar awaits your visit with a warm friendly welcome!

Our Motto

  • We are devoted to provide a high standard of service and to make a special place to stay for visitors from all parts of the world to fully enjoy B&B Finca Las Encinas and the region.
  • Unlike the hotels, our finca has an informal and intimate atmosphere and it is the place where the guests can truly relax and feel at home.
  • We Finca Las Encinas try our best to be an ecologically responsible tourist establishment.
  • We are committed to do more than the most obvious such as conserving water, saving energy, recycling, and choosing eco-friendly products where possible.
  • We do not provide fancy amenities in small containers such as shampoo and conditioner in order to control and reduce waste.
  • We make natural soap using our own extra virgin olive oil harvested from our olive trees.
  • We use solar power to heat the water.
  • We make sure that all ingredients we use are ecologically, ethically and sustainably produced by ourselves on our grounds, local farmers known to us personally or we purchase seafood from sustainable sources.
  • Our chickens are very free range – they peck around our large land all day and clean up our green waste. They give us natural fertilizer for our ecological vegetable garden (and lovely eggs) in return.
  • We are also very dedicated to give something back to our local community both directly and indirectly, by choosing to use as much local produce and products as possible. We are devoted to our local community work whether it is for the village festivals or our local schools.